Being tapped by one the country's biggest retail brands to collaborate on a series of campaigns that made TV screens burst with color and expression was one of the coolest moments we’ve shared together. 

Bold, graphic backdrops are a win right now. Look around you and you see pigments, dyes and liveliness that spread throughout art & advertising. As we appreciate this colorful influence, we felt there was something about creating these backdrops by hand and in actual form that helped separate them from the rest. Sure we could have easily dropped a graphic design behind them, but there was something precious and perfect about creating these amazing scapes. We loved all the backdrops and it certainly didn’t hurt that everyone casted were all happy. 

We paired up with Crystal Hodges the mastermind behind Luft, to help design and master to scale paper-looking sets. With paper only coming in 9ft to 12ft rolls, even then you’re limited on color options. So instead we built wooden flats to look like paper and textures—the results of which we found truly remarkable. 

Directed by the Barkers
DP’d by Crille Forsberg, Marc Miro
Wardrobe Styling by Kim Johnson
Set tailor Miss KK
Colored by Tyler Roth at Company 3
Work Commissioned for JCPenney
Agency: Doner

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