Head & Shoulders

Cop these styles that are all about the part.

We are Barkers, and we are kind of obsessed when it comes to our hair. Insert Uncle Jesse hair GIF here. Growing up with stylist friends and relatives you can say our addiction to ‘dos and dye jobs started at a young age. 

So when Head & Shoulders hit us up to create stills for a social media and print campaign designed around parted hairdo styles, we tapped the talented Roberto Di Cuia to help design 10 tremendous looks. And because Head & Shoulders believes in a natural beauty, just like us, we decided to keep things honest and used only available light (aka au-natural or what some like to call “lean”). The talent was beautiful, the team was beautiful and boy did we luck out on a perfect sunny day at Gary’s Lofts in Brooklyn. 

Photos by the Barkers
Wardrobe Styling by the Barkers
Hair by Roberto Di Cuia
Locations Gary’s Lofts, New York
Retouching: Absolutely none. No hair was photoshopped or treated!
Work Commissioned for Head & Shoulders
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

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