Don't Think of the Color RED

This year leading up to our annual “adios Chiberia, bienvenidos a Miami” trip, Kristen wrote a short script that revolved around red. But it evolved into something more, our own little tribute to travel if you will.

Traveling opens you up to new things. For instance immersing oneself into a new surrounding and culture. As well as the bravery comes with it, especially having to learn a new language. And to us, if you can do that, you can do anything.

Written & Directed by the Barkers
DP’d by Andy Lilien (The Gersh Agency)
Photos by the Barkers
Wardrobe Styling by the Barkers
Hair & Makeup by Briana D Chapman (Agency Gerard Artists)
Locations found by the Barkers
Colored by Curtis Schmidt (Quiriosity Productions)
Model: Alessandra Kirn (FORD Models)
Music: “The  M i d d l e” by DJ  S n a k e


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