The Barkers: The Humans

The Barkers are a Chicago based collaborative husband and wife Directing & Photography Duo. For the past seven years and counting they’ve been creating videos, images and original songs, for both commercial advertising and editorial projects. And they’ve been lucky enough to do so for some of the world’s biggest brands including McDonalds, Whirlpool, BCBS, Crate & Barrel, Microsoft, Kraft, JC Penney and Hyatt.

In this new high-tech insta-snap-face-tube digital world, amongst a sea of slogans and hashtags, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes us all human. No one thing or one person is truly ordinary. And the Barkers remind us of this throughout their work. Those real life everyday moments, and the experiences that shape our lives are what they strive to capture. The work they create is not just pictures and words; it’s living content—made of bite-sized slices-of-life telling stories online and in print. And it’s this intuitive insight to social behavior and cultural trends that allows them to create high quality content that resonates and connects with their viewers.

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